Continue the Tradition!


Our Curatorial Department is the heart of the Basque Museum — after all, exhibits are what make a museum a museum! That’s why your contribution is so important.

Over the next year, we will be bringing exhibits in directly from the Basque Country.We will be working with a number of amazing partners to make this happen, but it takes work — and money — to transport these exhibits across the ocean and all the way to Boise. That’s where you come in.

Today, we’re asking that you contribute to our curatorial efforts.We believe our upcoming exhibits will help museumgoers make a better connection between people of Basque heritage here in America and their ancestral homeland. We hope that our supporters, the majority of whom are Basque-Americans, will be able to trace their history and gain a deeper understanding of their customs, their thinking, their beliefs, and their struggles.

Basques have famously long memories and deep roots. We’ve been exploring and exposing those roots through the Museum’s most ambitious endeavor ever: Our Community History project. We have been going from town to town throughout the West, cataloging the history of Basques in each area — eventually, all of these families, stories, and photos will be organized and searchable on our website.

We’re bringing this effort up now because your contribution could be a one-two punch: Once our exhibit goals have been met, any further funding will go to continuing our Community History project.

This is your chance to not only bring in exhibits from the country that shaped us, but to also trace our history in the land that welcomed us. We hope you’ll take the time today to contribute to the Basque Museum.

This season, you can help us bring our past to into the future through a one-time donation that will streamline our operations and expand our possibilities. Eskerrik asko - Thank you!