Achabal, Toni

Mark Bieter
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Boise, Idaho
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Toni was born on 29 December 1939 in Elko, Nevada. Shortly thereafter, she came to Boise to live with her new parents Antonio Murelaga and Rosa Jayo. She paints a vivid portrait of the downtown Boise Basque community of her youth. Her parents encouraged her to get involved with Basque dancing at an early age, and Toni eventually became part of the Oinkari dancers. She recalls participating in some of the earliest Basque musical programs in Boise. By the time Toni had graduated from high school, she had managed to sustain her Basque language skills by practicing with her parents. She recounts her awe at finally making a trip to Euskadi to see where her parents were born. Toni married Simon Achabal in 1967. She is proud to be Basque, and has instilled this same pride in her three daughters. Toni explains what an integral part of the Boise community the Oinkaris have been throughout the years.

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Sheepherder's Ball
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