Aberasturi, Marie Mingo

Begoña Pecharroman
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Boise, ID
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Marie was born in Gizaburuaga, Bizkaia, to Eugenio and Maria Dominga Mingo (originally Mingolara). She describes her parents' early lives and what it was like growing up on the family baserri. There were many chores to do by hand, and school was not always fantastic, but Marie admits she had a very happy life. Marie was born after her father had left for America, and didn't see him again until the whole family took a ship to the US in 1916, when she was 7. She discusses her school days in Shoshone and Mountain Home, Idaho. Her father worked as a sheepherder, then in lumber, and the family lived in a boarding house for several years before getting their own home. After finishing high school, Marie married, but her husband passed away. She remarried in 1949, and lost this husband to an accident a few years later. Through the years, she has run a boarding house, co-owned a restaurant, worked as a cook and raised a daughter. She is an American citizen, a devout Catholic, and a proud Basque.

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Coming to America
Boarding house life
School days
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