Anduiza, John

David Ensunsa
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Boise, Idaho
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John Anduiza was born on 5 September 1915 in Boise, Idaho, to Juan Cruz Anduiza and Juana Gaviola. He mentions his parents' early lives and immigrations. He describes growing up in the family boarding house, which was like having "forty brothers." Dances, dinners and sports were always a lively part of boarding house life. John discusses the history of the boarding house and the fronton, as well as the seasonal schedules of the herders who lived there. The Basque community in Boise at the time he was growing up was almost like villages in Euskadi, with everybody helping each other out, children going to school together, and various cultural programs. John graduated from high school and college, served in the army, and worked for the IRS until his retirement in 1973. He and his wife Mary were wed in 1941, and have raised two children. John believes the Basques have made a good name for themselves in Boise, and hopes to see younger generations working so hard to preserve the culture.

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Winter dances at the boarding houses
House work
Insurance for boarding houses
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