Clausen, Carmen Marcuerquiaga

Daniel Chertudi
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Boise, ID
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Carmen was born in Winnemucca, Nevada on 25 October 1925.  The youngest of 13 children, Carmen grew up on a ranch outside of Winnemucca.  The ranch was a popular place for Basque sheepherders to buy supplies and socialize with their Basque and American friends.

Carmen and her siblings grew up speaking Basque at home and English with their classmates.  She has fond memories of dances and other social events on the ranch, as well as traveling to the Basque country to visit relatives.

Carmen was married in 1944 to Marvin Clausen, who shared her appreciation for Basque culture.  They raised their children to be proud of their Basque and Danish heritage.

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Bringing out the flag
Nevada ranch
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