Berriochoa, Carlos

Mikel Chertudi
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Shoshone, ID
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Carlos was born on 18 September 1917 in Shoshone, Idaho, to Carlos Berriochoa and Ramona Camporredondo.  He relates the colorful stories of his parents' immigrations from the Basque Country.  While growing up, Carlos always spoke Spanish with his mother, while his father taught the children English.  He paints a warm portrait of the large rooming house where the family lived for years.

After graduating from high school, Carlos entered the army, where he was wounded in the back from a bomb explosion.  Upon his return to the US, he and a partner opened up a dry cleaning shop, then switched to a job with the State Highway Department.  He met his wife Anna at a Basque dance in a Twin Falls boarding house, and the couple was married in 1946.  They have raised four children.

Today, Carlos enjoys participating in Basque picnics and other cultural events.  He and Anna have made a trip to the Basque Country together, and have many fond memories of the experience.  After years of change in the Idaho Basque community, Carlos is still proud to call himself a Basque.

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Basque Girls Boarding House
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