Basterrechea, Luis

Mikel Chertudi
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Gooding, ID
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Luis was born on 1 May 1935 in Arbazegi, Bizkaia, to Gregorio Basterrechea and Donata Yrazabal.  He grew up on a little baserri with a flourmill and an orchard, and describes life on the farm.  He paints a vivid picture of his school years and lifestyle as a child in the Basque Country.  It wasn't long before the opportunities of America beckoned to Luis, and he immigrated to Idaho to start a new life as a sheepherder.

Luis worked with sheep for three years before buying his own truck, which has since blossomed into a business that includes more than 25 vehicles.  Although he had initially only intended to work in the US for a few years before returning to his homeland, he has since become very comfortable in Idaho.  Luis married Doris King in 1961, and the couple has three children.

Today, Luis is an active member of the Basque community.  He used to be a competitive weightlifter, and has won many competitions.  He enjoys traveling to the Basque Country, and describes some of the changes he has witnessed there over the years.  Luis now identifies himself as an American-Basque.

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Changes in the Basque Country
Snowstorm and spirits
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