Aguirre, Domingo

Mikel Chertudi
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Mountain Home, Idaho
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Domingo was born in Mountain Home, Idaho in 1921 to Domingo Aguirre and Juanita Urquidi.  Growing up on his family's sheep ranch and farm, Domingo learned valuable lessons from Basque sheepherders, trappers and other people he met.  Older Basques including his father became his mentors, passing their wisdom and traditions on to him.

After graduating from high school in 1939 and studying at the University of Washington, Domingo returned to Mountain Home to work for his father.  A great storyteller, Domingo talks about herding sheep, tending camp, raising cattle, boxing and how they shaped his beliefs.  He married Dolores Barinaga in 1946 and settled in Mountain Home.  Even after losing their older brother, Richard, in the Second World War, Domingo and his younger brother, Felipe, continued in their father's footsteps as owners of Aguirre & Sons.

From his ranch and farm, Domingo was able to work and take part in the Basque culture that surrounded him.  Always mindful of the importance of tradition, he witnessed changes in the Basque community, watching events unfold over the years and taking an active role in its preservation.

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A Father's Love
"A Beautiful Time"
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