Acordagoitia, Eugenia

Mikel Chertudi
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Jordan Valley, Oregon
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Eugenia was born in Soldier Creek, Idaho in 1923 to Justo Corta and Maria Ocamica.  The youngest of eleven children, Eugenia grew up on her family's ranch, where she helped her mother cook, clean, and do other household chores.  She enjoyed her summers on the ranch, preferring them to the months she spent at school in Jordan Valley.

Eugenia played basketball, baseball and other sports in high school.  When she was old enough, she started going to dances at boarding houses and other dance halls in town, enjoying the social events that other teenagers organized.  She married Alfonso Acordagoitia in 1948 and the couple stayed in Jordan Valley to raise their son.  When their son was old enough, Eugenia found work at Jim Zatica's Basque Station Motel, staying until her retirement in 1992.

Much in Jordan Valley has changed since Eugenia's youth.  She describes Jordan Valley as it was from the 1920s to the 1950s, and shares her observations of how it has evolved to the way it is today.  Her firsthand account adds a personal touch to one of Idaho's most important Basque settlements.

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Changes in Jordan Valley
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